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Artist hits home with Consciousness Hip Hop

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Independent record label, Amorfous Music takes pleasure in introducing the artist Sean Burke. This talented artist has composed, recorded, performed and produced 4 multi-track CDs along with 12 Videos in four years.

In 2001, Sean Burke completed his debut album entitled “DELICIOUS“, which featured 15 hip hop, R&B, and house tracks.

In 2003 his second album, entitled “ELUDAQUIT” was released. It contains 18 original hip-hop and R&B tracks. A song from this album, “Last Dayz” was featured on MTV in the USA and is still being flighted; the first fully animated 3D music video from Africa. In November 2004, Sean then launched his 3rd album entitled “2PRETTY4HIPHOP“. This 19-track album has a distinct hip-hop sound and features collaborations with other artists.

2006 sees Sean is completing his 4th album entitled “CONSCIOUSNESS HIP HOP”. 

Sean is the son of the late John Burke, musical giant, promoter and leader of The Invaders, a well-known band that was popular in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Sean discovered his musical vocation in his teens when he played the local DJ circuit later composing his own songs and performing cover versions in clubs to gain exposure and experience.

In 1994 this self-sufficient musician formed his own band Afro-d-Ziac, which grew into a 7-piece cover band that toured South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The band enjoyed a huge fan base, especially in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Sean and Afro-d-Ziac performed the latest hits and this helped him hone his vocal techniques, singing raggae, raga, dance, R&B, techno, jazz and even female vocal hits!

After 2 years on the road he started pursued his ambition to get his original compositions recorded. His experience with A&R executives spurred him on to seek independent means to achieve his aims. In the meantime, he learnt all he could about the music industry and earned a living through commissions for jingles for television programmes including YOTV, Woza Weekend, Win ‘n Spin, Bzzz and Disney’s Roadhog.

Sean subsequently started a recording and publishing company, Amorfous Music and continued to create and record jingles for radio DJs like Sammy T, Bad Boy T, Pindi G and DJ Fresh. He also acquired his qualification as a sound engineer and became skilled at mixing television programmes on a full-time basis, learning all the technical aspects of television. This has been of great advantage when he started shooting and editing his own music videos.

Sean’s style is unique and non-conformist; his songs deal with relevant, contemporary issues. He has an ingenious way with words and this is reflected in all his lyrics. He works hard and lives for his music. He has followed his passion and talent in an unrelenting manner and can be proud of his skill as businessman, music composer, artist, producer, sound engineer, graphic designer, video director and editor…Phew! Watch this space…


March 2006 – Sean completes his 12th video for the song “Black” from the CD entitled Consciousness Hip Hop”February 2005 – Article in the Saturday Star “Singer makes it on MTV, but not here”.

January 2005 – Sean Burke launched his media campaign with an interview on eTV on 11 January. The single “Made in Uitenhage” which tells his life story is enjoying regular airplay on TV, especially SABC and Channel O and has proved to be a big hit in the Eastern Cape. Tracks such as “Stay on the Run” and “The Radio Stations” have been played on several radio stations.   

November 2004 – Sean Burke launched his third album entitled “2Pretty4HipHop “. The album has hip hop influence and the video ‘Made in Uitenhage’ is enjoying regular airplay on both SABC and eTV. This is his 11th video.

September 2002 – Amorfous Music [], an independent label in South Africa, embarked on the very daunting task of creating a groundbreaking song and video that would be suitable for MTV. In a unique partnership with an American based 3D animation company, Metl Grafix [], the skills and expertise of 3D animators from three different continents were harnessed to create an exceptional Hollywood blockbuster-type 3D animated music video. Two African, five Ukrainian and five American animators took one year to complete the project. With exceptional attention to detail, every single 3D element was created from scratch. Normally a song determines the video treatment, but in this unique instance the video treatment gave rise to the creation of a specific song to match the video. The hiphop/R&B artist, Sean Burke, created the song entitled ‘Last Dayz‘, in which he delivers social commentary on our global culture of manufactured pop celebrity. The song composition process placed particular emphasis on using the pop hit formula that is at home on the MTV channel.

29 March 2004 – Sean Burke has completed his 10th music video from his debut album entitled ” Oh My My”
4 April 2002 – Completion of “Damn”, the fourth music video off the album entitled “Delicious”. It tells the story of a music terrorist!

20 July 2001- Sean Burke makes his television debut on Castle Loud [Thursdays 21h00, SABC1]
20 July 2001- The music video for ” I Really Don’t Mind” is banned from Channel O for being “too explicit”. [Yeah right!]

25 July 2001- Interview with Olivia Parker of The Star Tonight and photographer Motlhalefi Mahlabe conducted.
31 July 2001- Sean appears on the front page of The Star tonight with an exclusive interview with Olivia Parker and a CD review for his debut album “Delicious”.

16 September 2001“Cruizin’ In Gauteng“, the second music video off the album entitled “Delicious” is completed. 10 November 2001 – Completion of the South Africa’s first remixed video. “Cruizin in Gauteng” was re-shot and re-edited to complement the remixed Kwaito version of the original album track.

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