Saturday, 25 April 2015

Azolay Pushes DKM With The New Single

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Another one from Durban is Azolay who has just dropped his first single, ‘Thath Undibeke’.

The 26 year-old upcoming kwaito artist takes the same route that many Durban artists always prefer, pushing the sound that has become famously known as Durban Kwaito Music (DKM). For a new artist, this is not a bad attempt.

‘Thath Undibeke’ is equipped with a party banger beats but what is likely to work for Azolay is the simple sing along chorus that will get party people punishing the dance-floor.

Few things that the artist can work on to fix this tune are strong lyrical content and arrangement. Azolay can tighten the screws with proper rhymes that will make the song more appetizing and punchy. Also, the arrangement sounds more of cut and paste; it loses momentum very fast. For a song that plays for almost seven minutes, producers need to find a way to keep the song going without boring the listener.

While it is not a bad decision to use a few musical instruments in a composition, those in the beat department should have ensured that the song progression is intact and not monotonous.

Otherwise, this can still get people dancing but for a release and taking it to radio for possible airplay, Thath Undibeke’ needs a bit of work.

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Author: phathu