Saturday, 18 April 2015

Bringing Something Fresh Is Tomaeza With ‘Halla At Yo Boy!’

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He’s Got The Moves, The Style &… Thumping Tune!

He’s fresh and already setting a new trend with his irresistible song, ‘Halla At Your Boy!’ Not your ordinary artist, Tomaeza has unleashed his musical dragons and the electro house infused tune with catchy sing-along vocals is guaranteed to immediately push you to the dance-floor.

Known to be mostly done by international stars, with the new tune Tomaeza is certainly a game changer and this song speaks volume.

Produced by hit maker Thabiso ‘Thasman’ Tsotetsi, ‘Halla At Your Boy!’ needs no introduction to the party scene; it carries provocative beats and simple vocals that only those having a good time can loudly sing-along to.

Born in the North West Province, Tomaeza introduces people to a different world, a place of jovial and thumping beats. This is one artist who, if on stage knows how to communicate with the people on the ground and also give them a jaw dropping performance. But this is undoubtedly being achieved through his magnetic single. ‘Halla At Yo Boy’.

Talking about the song, Tomaeza says all he is doing is to merge a gap between electro and urban house, spicing the meal with heavy party banger vocals. “I am that artist who offers music that talk to both blacks and whites. With my electrifying movements, you are bound to enjoy the whole package on offer,” says the artist.

Already, ‘Halla At Your Boy’ is doing rounds in the night life. The milestone achieved thus far is purely because the song is what people have been yearning for.

Talking about the recording of the song, Tomaeza says the process was simple as he has worked with Thasman before. “Actually the beats were recorded while I was there in the studio. I dont know who they were for but as soon as the song started taking shape, I jumped in with the vocals.” Once the song was completed, everyone in the studio was happy with the final cut.

For Tomaeza, working with Thasman is always a great experience as the artist believes they have a good musical connection. “Each time am in the studio with him, he guides me on what to do and if something is not working, we leave it and move forward. There are more material we are currently working on, it’s so exciting I can’t wait for people to hear them.”

It’s about the party scene, good music and killer moves! What are you waiting for? Hit play and join the rest as you ‘Halla At Your Boy!’

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