Saturday, 18 April 2015

Start Building A Fan Mailing List

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One of the most important things in self promotion is to build a fan mailing list. This mailing list comes in handy as it will help you further build your brand, keep a close relationship with your followers, remind them of your career developments and allow you to update them about your events.

Think of how many times you have come across people who like your music or performance and couldn’t stop praising you? These are the people you cannot afford to lose contact with because already there is something they like.

But then how do you go about getting people to sign up to your mailing list and ensure that you are constantly giving them something that will make them stay loyal?

The best way to get people signing up for your mailing list is by having a signing option with any online presence you may have. If you have a website, Facebook page, Myspace page or Twitter page, encourage people to send you their e-mail address.

It is then advisable to print up some business cards of yourself as an artist, with the URLs to your various online pages. Its often the case that people want to know about you when they are out and listening to you perform. If they approach you then you simply give them a business card.

There is nothing more exciting for a fan to know that they can get hold of those they adore directly. That one on one communication with your fan is very important and it helps a lot building a loyal strong brand.

Even more than having a business card, an every performance you should make sure that you have a form that people can easily fill in their details. But But don’t ask for too much information. Just their name and e-mail address. If you want to have a phone number database then you need to also ask for their number, but we wont be looking at that in this article.

If you are at a club or somewhere showcasing your skills be strategic when it comes to approaching people to fill in their details. The best approach is to have someone who can help distribute the form around to people, if they are seated or you can just put them at the door.

Don’t force people to signup to your fan mail. If they don’t see the importance, move on. The best way is to approach those who have an interest in what you are doing because already those are the people who have fallen in love with your skills.

Keep your fans coming back for more. Now that you have collected email address from various potential fans, the next step is to keep all your fans and hard core supporters updated regularly.

Keeping in touch with your fan mail can be tricky, always remember that if there is nothing to say to your people, don’t push too hard. People get irritated by endless day in, day out mails that have no content.

What I am trying to get to here is that as much as it is important to keep your fans updated, also be aware that too many emails can drive them away. Just be strategic, teach your fans what to expect in your mails all the time. For an example, everytime you send out a mail about an upcoming gig, do a ticket / comp giveaway. It’s a good way to send out a weekly gig guide and maybe a few news pieces about your career development and current involvement.

Let us be honest, people love free things, so wherever you can, organize some freebies. They don’t have to do a lot; you can print some self branded t-shirts and give them away. If you are a producer and have absolutely no problem with giving your new never heard before songs, why not give it to your loyal fans? And if you already have an album produced and printed, then you should definitely look at doing some kind of giveaway.

More often than not, those who put some thoughts into building their fan mails find much better means of keeping their fans updated and always coming back for more. You too can do it! I know a friend of mine who a few years ago started mailing people a gig guide. Knowing exactly what he wanted, today he has turned the mailing list into his own marketing tool and it has gotten many subscribers. It is important to tell people who you are and where you are going with your music career.

Author: phathu