Sunday, 26 April 2015

Dance competition hots up

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The stage is set for the Strictly Hip Hop Dance finals where dancers from all across South Africa will compete for the honors of “Best Dancer/Crew in South Africa”

The competition has grown since its debut in 2006, becoming one of the premier annual hip hop dance events in South Africa. The 2009 Grand Finale drew a crowd of 5,800 to the Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria, crowning Soweto-based dance group “The Reptilez” as Strictly Hip Hop Champions.

Each year, the winning group enters into a dance training program with The Impact School for Dance for a period of 12 weeks and is thereafter allocated to various dance academies to train and coach children and youth from less privileged backgrounds. The event is also focused on promoting the importance of healthy living and dance skills development for the youth.

Strictly Hip Hop has now grown International with established bases now in Australia and the USA – “We at Strictly Hip Hop are very excited about this opening and the opportunity for our young and gifted dancers to showcase their talents to a wider audience.” said Strictly Hip Hop General Manager Charles Ngola.

This year’s Strictly Hip Hop Competition will have the added attraction of a surprise performance by Supreme Soul, runner up from the hit MTV show,“America’s Best Dance Crew”. “Supreme Soul” has since become one of the foremost dancer groups in the world appearing in the numerous event both in the US and internationally.”

“Strictly Hip Hop is one of the hottest dance competitions going on in South Africa today, and I am hyped to be a part of one of the events….South Africa, Here I come!” said an excited and energetic RJ from Supreme Soul.

The Strictly Hip Hop Dance Finals takes place on Saturday, September 4th at ZK Matthews Hall at UNISA Pretoria. Doors open 12pm.

Tickets cost R100 and can be reserved online at

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