Tuesday, 28 April 2015

DJ Fresh & Euphonik Present F.eU

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Artist/DJ: DJ Fresh & Euphonik
Album: F.eU
Genre: House
Year of Release: 2010
Label: Soul Candi Records

Last year, veteran DJ Fresh joined forces with a young and promising spinner, Euphonik, to form a duo: F.eU. This joint venture saw the two rocking DJs forging a path that has never been made in the local house music scene. In the space of only a year the duo has managed to build a solid brand and boost their DJing careers – a wise move if you ask me.

Not wanting the ink to dry, F.eU has put together a double disc project with thirty tunes. If you have never heard of these guys, I welcome you to their space.

DJ Fresh and Euphonik’s work together is probably one of the most successful duos ever to emerge from this country. The two have gone as far as traveling the world, exposing local house tunes to the globe.

Picking up from there, F.eU drops their first much-anticipated project with the best of both worlds. In the first project, the guys ignite the album with a few tots of deep house. Three songs down the line, they take on the electro house market. This time around, they injects a few tunes such as, ‘Bugel’ by Chocolate Puma, and DJ Kuchi grinding electro house lovers with ‘The Beginning’. On this one, Kuchi cleverly gives the tune an uptempo feel spiced up with really provocative sounds that just make your feet start tapping the floor.

In a surprising move, Euphonik then teams up with Tyren and work on their own version of ‘Show Dem’, originally done by the hip hop star Jr and HHP. The original version of this has become another crossover song and this electro version might just fuel it more. Giving it the Fresh touch, the famous DJ goes all out and proves a point with ‘All Right’ featuring RJ Benjamin. This one is simple but catchy!

Coming to disc two, the two house music DJs punch hard. Unlike the first disc where they build up the release quite nicely, here they wait for no man to get ready. Right from the beginning, they shoot heavily and fire missiles non-stop.

Showing how they do their thing, the duo compiles another thunderstorm track, ‘Kiss Of Rain’, which is done by Daltonic. Not surprisingly, F.eU also swings in the Dennis Ferrer hit of the moment, ‘Hey Hey’. In a twist of events, the duo calms the wildfire with a tune by Chuckie entitled, ‘What Love Is This’. This one drives you to a silent place where you get to reconnect with the inner soul. The song starts with some soulful strings which are then joined by a male poet who renders a touching poem.

However, the high energy that the second disc starts with is sadly short-lived. The majority of the songs are not that convincing and sounds not fully finished. Euphonik tries hard to rescue this offering with ‘Mshin Wami’ but the electro sound he pushes the song with just goes on and on with a bit of vocals here and there. Regardless of its not-so-happening final cut, this song might pick up, as ‘Mshin Wami’ has been associated with the country’s President, Jacob Zuma.

Other than that, this is a well packaged compilation with most of the songs sticking to the electro house sound. This influence should, however, not come as a surprise move, as both DJs have been exposed to the 5FM market for quite some time. Business-wise, this move makes sense; and besides that, house music also seems to be going increasingly towards the electro sound.

Cover/Art: 3/5 | Sound/Technical: 4/5 | “I like it factor”: 8/10


Author: phathu