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So far this year at EMENDY sound and music college, we have had great success in co ordinating multiple events and establishing a great response from many different fields as well as increasing our fan base and followers.

We hosted a talent show which proved to be a success and many people attended.

Throughout all our events and functions, we have continued to promote all our sponsors proudly and show our respect to those who have supported us.

Here is an update of everything that has been achieved thus far in the year:

Donovan Fourie

On the 22nd of February 2012, EMENDY was graced with the presence of 3minutefilm director - Donovan Fourie.
3MINUTEFILM is a Pretoria (South Africa) based Creative Production Company with a big portfolio of creative work and an anthology of accolades and awards.

3MINUTEFILM personally handle ALL the creative, concept, art direction, production, direction, shooting of the videos as well as all the post production, effects, motion graphics and colour grades.

3MINUTEFILM has a wealth of experience filming bands live on stage and at music festivals - they've worked with such legends as The Hothouse Flowers, Chris Chameleon, Fokof Polisiekar, aKING, Dubway, Pestroy, Koos Kombuis, Jimmy Eat World, Lira, Violent Femmes, zZz, Piet Botha, Prime Circle, Valiant Swart, Zakes Bantwini and Southern Gypsey Queen - to name(drop) but a few.

Donovan Fourie personally spoke to us about the growing music industry in South Africa and gave an exhilarating lecture on Future Technologies. Being a lecturer at the University of Pretoria in the Visual Arts department, Donovan knows a surprising amount of what is to come in Future Technology applications such as Biometrics (individual detection) and has learned how to put himself out in front so that he adapts with the growth of Technology instead of falling behind. He taught us how to go from "How do i do this?" to "What can i do with this?"

Check out Donovan Fourie's work on his website - www.3minutefilm.com or visit him on Facebook (www.facebook.com/3MINUTEFILM)!!!

You can also email him at donovan@3minutefilm.com. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQPnjNek7X0

Josie Field

On the 7th March 2012, EMENDY had the pleasure of Hosting Singer/Songwriter Josie Fields.

Josie is an extremely talented musician and her soulful outlook on music is nothing less than inspiring. she has successfully taken occupation of that part of the musical terrain defined by free-flowing - sometimes spiky - folk pop coupled with intense and often personal lyrics. Her producer Kevin Leicher is a great compliment to her music and after producing Field's debut, 2006's "Mercury" and her follow-up "Leyland" (2008), Leicher has an intuitive feel for the songs that she brings into the studio and on "1984" he is credited as a co-composer, with Field, of the music on the album (with Field handling all lyrics).

Leicher also contributes electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide, ukelele, keyboards, percussion and programming to the record, complementing Field's acoustic guitar and ukelele playing with ease.

Max Lehr on drums and Warren Leicher on bass provide the rhythm section that Field has been playing with for some time now.

As Josie explained to us, her songwriting and musical career in general is an ongoing inspiration in her life and she continues to find new ways in which to express herself in her music, such as the introduction of her Ukelele which she admitted was a way to start again and discover music from the beginning, as introducing a new instrument helped her to write more songs because of the fact that she was merely learning a new instrument and couldn't automatically continue her original ways of songwriting.

Josie Field will continue to enrich the lives of others and inspire other musicians to dig deep and remember their roots well still enjoying the simple joys of music.





Ludwig Bouwer

On the 21st of March the AMP students of Emendy music college went on a trip to One big Room studios at the residence of Ludwig Bouwer (bass player, producer, sound engineer).

From the moment we walked into the house and the studio we immediately felt at home, one could see that it was a working studio that is always busy with good music.

We all sat down in his mixing room and had a talk about the current music industry, how to make it in the music industry and shared handy mixing and mastering tips.

The studio layout that Ludwig had managed to create was perfect for band and vocal recordings with the facility of a booth adjacent to the mixing room that could take a full band.

The acoustics in his production room was very ear pleasing and portrayed the quality of his work excellently. We could all see that Ludwig had a very good ear for music by hearing some of his mixes and masters, he really loves what he was doing, from building his 2 studios to recording his scratchy beard onto a song, he proved that its not about having the best of everything but knowing how to make what u have into what u want it to be. One good piece of advice that he gave us is how to make it in the music industry, he said."

Its simple, firstly u have to make a decision that u want to be a musician and commit to immersing yourself in the music and the lifestyle, and secondly release constant proof that u are a good musician." Wise words.

One big room studios was motivating in many ways, it is always nice to see a fellow musician making a living with music while son many people say its not a real job, he made it into his and was reaping the fruits of his labour. The sit down with Ludwig Bouwer was one to remember. He was not afraid to share valuable knowledge with us all, check out his website and details under www.onebigroom.co.za

This is one studio that focuses on a clean, fresh, unique sound, clearly defined philosophy and warm hearted working environment, and for that reason it will be staying in a class of its own and be successful for a long time.


9th Wonder

Born Patrick Denard Douthit in Winston-Salem, NC, 9th Wonder is a Grammy Award Winning Producer, DJ, College Lecturer, and Social Activist. Since his introduction to hip-hop in 1982, 9th has been immersed in the music and culture of the art form, while gaining experience in music theory throughout middle and high school. 9th attended North Carolina Central University, where he decided to pursue a career in music. He, along with Phonte Colerman and Thomas Jones (Rapper Big Pooh), formed the hip-hop trio Little Brother in 1998. The group released the critically acclaimed album? The Listening?, which received 4 mics in Source Magazine.

On the 7th of April 2012 9th Wonder graced South African soil as he came and did a guest lecture at Hatfield Manor Hotel.

The event was attended by over 150 people as the attendees heard first hand what it takes to make it in the Music Industry.

It was truly a fantastic event and thank

Emendy's Got Talent

On the 27th of March 2012- Emendy Sound and Music Technologies hosted their annual talent show Emendy's Got Talent at Cafe Barcelona in Elardus Park. 10 finalists showcased their talents on the evening with 3 guest performances from Dirk van der Westhuizen; TowdeeMac; and the Liezel Marshall band.

The night started with an impromptue performance from one of the audience members as they "beatboxed" for a pair of Sennheiser HD 202 headphones sponsored by Orange Music. The performances varied, from a female beatboxer, to a blindfolded keyboardist. It was Tondi Rams however that stole the show as him and his band performed . As the eventual winner he walked away with a " (Avid soundcard with PROTOOLS 9 sponsored by Midi Music.He also recieved a Samson Mic kit sponsored by Audiosure) " .

Second place was awarded to Moses Rahlogo taking home a " (Samson Mic kit and a Yamaha guitar sponsored by Yamaha & Audiosure ) " . Third prize was a " (Samson Mic kit sponsored by Audiosure!) " which was awarded to " ( Mayenziwe Dlamini ) " .

Emendy's Got Talent would not have been successful without the support of all of Emendy's sponsors. We would like to thank :


We would also like to thank Cafe Barcelona for letting us use their venue. Check out their website at www.cafebarcelona.co.za

SABC Studios

On the 14 of March 2012 the Emendy AMP class went on a field trip to the SABC studios in Johannesburg. It was an exciting experience for all the aspiring musicians, producers and sound engineers to see how this massive broadcasting company is run. From our initial arrival at the SABC we were met with a warm reception by the employees and started on our tour of this building metropolis of media.

We went on to go see the 3 sound studios m1, 2 & 3, and was treated to a huge auditorium with a unique pipe organ that is 1 of 2 in Africa. We also went on to see one of the local radio stations, the stages where the drama series's are shot, storage facilities of all the props, the anechoic chamber, the list goes on.

Some of the broadcasting clients include:

Phalaphala FM
RSG, Lesedi FM
Thobela FM
Ligwalagwala FM
Radio 2000
Metro FM
Motsweding FM
Ukhozi FM
Munghana Lonene FM
Umhlobo Wenene FM
Lotus Fm
Ikwekwezi F

The whole tour was very informative, we all walked away with valuable knowledge at the end of the day that we had gathered with the help of the SABC employees. There was not one question left unanswered. Truly it was amazing to see the inner workings of this monstrous corporation and get a taste of how and when everything happens. I would advise anyone who wants to be in media entertainment to go on a tour.
Check out the SABC @ www.sabc.co.za

Thank you and have a fantastic day!