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On the 14 of March 2012 the Emendy AMP class went on a field trip to the SABC studios in Johannesburg. It was an exciting experience for all the aspiring musicians, producers and sound engineers to see how this massive broadcasting company is run.

From our initial arrival at the SABC we were met with a warm reception by the employees and started on our tour of this building metropolis of media.

We went on to go see the 3 sound studios m1, 2 & 3, and was treated to a huge auditorium with a unique pipe organ that is 1 of 2 in Africa. We also went on to see one of the local radio stations, the stages where the drama series’s are shot, storage facilities of all the props, the anechoic chamber, the list goes on.

Some of the broadcasting clients include:

• Ikwekwezi FM
• Phalaphala FM
• RSG, Lesedi FM
• Thobela FM
• 5FM
• Ligwalagwala FM
• Radio 2000
• Metro FM
• Motsweding FM
• Ukhozi FM
• Munghana Lonene FM
• Umhlobo Wenene FM
• Lotus Fm

The whole tour was very informative, we all walked away with valuable knowledge at the end of the day that we had gathered with the help of the SABC employees. There was not one question left unanswered. Truly it was amazing to see the inner workings of this monstrous corporation and get a taste of how and when everything happens. I would advise anyone who wants to be in media entertainment to go on a tour.

Check out the SABC @ www.sabc.co.za


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