Saturday, 25 April 2015

Jay Jay Prior a.k.a DJ AfroWhitie

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Name and identification please
Jay Jay Prior A.K.A Deejay AfroWhitie.

We see you do the mixing thing ¡Kare you a DJ by profession or pleasure?
HAHA! You mean people can actually make a living in South Africa as a DJ [excluding weddings etc] all for pleasure, although those late nights are starting to hurt!

House Music or Trance?
Neither but I suppose House Music is a lot less kak than the pop music they call trance nowadays. Breaks all the way; I like to stay far ahead of the curve.

Link us to one of your favourite mixes
FourFive_Five Two Take Three ; Short n Sweet J

Day job title/position please
Sales marketing and support for a broadcast software company.

What meaningful tasks does your ¡¥real-life’ day job include?
Keeping most of SA commercial radio On Air

You get up to exactly what on the weekend? 
As little as possible; sometimes a couple gigs but I have changed my focus from mayhem to focusing on my little family ļ

Describe MIO in one word
Are you gonna do one of those Ali G rap things? Ok ¡V Information

How did you first learn about the site? 
Searching for resources on the SA music industry.

Most valuable thing you’ve ever read on the forums?
Still looking but most of Fly’s posts are pretty informative.

Track of the moment?
Get On ¡V Moguai [Scissorkicks Mix]

Give us your most controversial moment in S. African music history
When Steve showed people who actually makes up the music buying public in SA.

You’ve got to have a Music highlight of 2005¡Kwhich one is it and why?
Can I Have 2?  Mr. Bong and I on stage at Oppikoppi this year during the prime DJ slot with a full cooler box, bottle of tequila and a microphone [work it work it!] obviously the next morning was the Lowlight . Next highlight will be seeing my hero Freq Nasty on the 29 th of Oct.

If you were a music star ¡V what would your stage name be?
Still AfroWhitie!

What useful advice can a professional MIO dude like yourself offer future newbie’s out there?
Make sure you have a good line of credit! Participate in the forums!

What say you about the state of the SA music industry?
Looks like its coming right actually J! And it’s working for me!

Latest music related purchase?
My shiny new UDG DJ bag cost a packet but it makes me look credible LOL ;)

Name your MOST favourite SA band
Right now it’s the Real Estate Agents – they don’t sound like a copy of some US band.

Most interesting MIO news piece of the week is?
South African music retail gets a new face

Famous Last Words
Thank you for choosing me as your leader¡K

Listen to AfroWhitie do his thing at

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