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Jub Jub: My Shine

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Artists/DJ: Jub Jub
Album Title: My Shine
Producer: Various
Genre: Hip Hop
Label/Distributor: Bonzo Music
Year of Release: 2007

All I can say is that Jub Jub is killer! The artist’s latest offering takes me back to when Jub Jub was still a cute young boy appearing in a lot of TV shows. As he was growing, he also tried his hand at music but that didn’t show much promise. Although for a while the artist was nowhere to be seen or even written about, things took a different turn when he released his album ‘The rare breed’ which re-launched his celebrity status. Now, with the help of Bonzo Music, Jub Jub has come back with his third hard hitting offering ‘My Shine’.

This boy is a soldier, a real punisher! Taking a look at last year’s release, allow me to say that even though it had a few killer songs like ‘Good time of your life’ and of course gospel hit ‘Ndikhokhele’, I was not so convinced that Jub would ever make an impact. But with this release, I am certain that this boy is talented!

Jub Jub obviously didn’t settle for less when it came to beat production on this album. He chooses nice banging sounds that go so well with his vocal chords. With this release, I am expecting the media and events organizers to run to the artist like crazy! Already, Jub Jub is man of the moment. I’ve seen his name on many gigs flyers.  From the events of those who worship the holy name of the almighty, the hectic parties, down to bling and glitz events.

The release has fifteen songs and when I first heard them I was like, yooo! I listened to the project time and time again, not believing what was just offered! On this one, thumbs up Jub Jub! There are soft soul touching songs and of course gospel tunes that I know will continue to push his name higher and higher. Back by popular demand, the artist has thrown ‘Ndikhokhele’, a reloaded gospel hit from his previous album. As you might be aware, brother Phash has a problem with artists pulling their old songs into their new material. But I gotta admit that even though Jub did so, I think it’s a wise move, given that the song has only started becoming a hit this year.

There are a whole lotta of killer songs that will put you in the Jub zone! One thing that I’m starting to be confident about Jub’s music is that, this boy can rhyme people. His flows are tight and whenever he opens his mouth, what comes out is like Mohammed Ali’s punch. Who’s to blame him anyway?

Though 2007 might not have be so great for the artist due to the bad attention his mom, Jacqueline Maarohanyewho – a director of Ithuteng Trust, has been getting – making headlines for a lot of things including, allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a Sowetan writer, public violence, malicious damage to property, housebreaking and theft. However even though it must be rough and tough for Maarohanyewho, Jub Jub has stood by his mom’s side and recorded a song, ‘Its Alright’ where he assures her he’s there for her.

The very same song, ‘Its Alright’ has those soulful touching strings! Before the artist could rhyme, one can tell that whatever will be said is going to be sad and touching.  Jub opens the song with a few lines narrating the story of “some journalist” who called him in the wee hours asking him how he was taking his mother’s saga. Listen to the song and you will agree that there is nothing that can separate mother and child. Even though one can tell that Jub is mad that people made their own conclusion of his mom – Mama Jacque accusations, the storm is over mfana. Let the music do the talking!

Just for your sake, lookout for tunes such as, ‘Ndikhokhele’, ‘My Girl’, ‘Remember The Days’, ‘Alright’, ‘She Told Me’, ‘Phind’ uKhulume’, ‘I’m Back’ and ‘Put Your Hands Up’

Its time for some sunshine madoda! No wonder Jub Jub’s album is titled ‘My Shine’. The artist is shining man!

Cover/Art: 3/5 | Sound/Technical: 4/5 | “I like it factor”: 9/10


Author: phathu