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Jub Jub: The rare breed

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Artists/DJ: Jub Jub
Album Title: The rare breed
Producer: Various
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label/Distributor: Bonzo Music
Year of Release: 2006


I remember the first day I heard Jub Jub ‘The rare breed’ project; I froze and felt as if I just got knocked by a heavy thunderstorms! For a while, I convinced myself that the song I heard on radio was not of Jub Jub and that Mr. Radio DJ might have made a mistake when announcing the artist’s name for the song. Jub Jub has been out of the limelight for a while and I had little hope of ever seeing him doing his thang or potentially making a vast comeback! Surprise, surprise… The brother has refused to be a ‘once upon a time artist’ and has made a banging return!

The truth of the matter is that, this Soweto born musical talent is shining. The album has already made a powerful impact and is continuing to hit hard with a cover of ‘When a woman needs love’, originally done by Ray Parker, Jr. I recalled one night I witnessed Jub on stage, the brother rocked big time. He killed the crowd to the degree that I even became jealous because all the sisters only wanted him.

This boy has bounced back with a very rare hit, even though I can hardly hear any of his songs played anywhere, except ‘Good time of your life’. This album is one of those projects where you only just need to enjoy the beats and the flow without thinking too much of what the artist is singing about. What Jub rhymes about is not really anything amazing, so rhyming wise, I’m disappointed.

To be honest, most of Jub’s songs are not my thing but even so, there are a few songs that I feel in love with and are always banging in my car. For the fact that I play this project everyday on my way to work and back to home means something… Yes you are right, I am rocked!

The album has thirteen songs of which if you give yourself time to listen to; you might end up joining me in my most played songs for the year 2007 list. The gospel song ‘Ndikokele’ always blesses my days and makes them bright. Congrats, Jub for also doing a song of this caliber.

I have no doubt that Molemo Maarohanye, aka Jub Jub has since the release of this album won many hearts. As I said, there are some nice songs, give the brother a listen. You’ll never know, maybe there can be some rare blended tunes that might level ya!

Cover/Art: 2/5 | Sound/Technical: 4/5 | “I like it factor”: 6/10


Author: phathu