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Liquideep : Fabrics Of The Heart

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Artists/DJ: Liquideep
Album Title: Fabrics Of The Heart
Genre: House
Year of Release: 2010

Fabrics Of The Heart is the debut studio album from Jo’burg house duo, Liquideep. The 14-track album has generally received positive feedback from fans and critics alike since its release last month.

One half of the duo, Jonathan “Ziyon” Hamilton produces 12 tracks while his partner, Thabo “Ryzor” Shokgolo produces two tracks on the album. Having made a mark with their soulful hit single, ‘Fairytale’ last year, the pair decides to keep Fabrics Of The Heart entirely soulful.

In an attempt to match the standard of ‘Fairytale’, Ziyon produces the opening track, “Angel”, which although impressively composed, lacks the “wow” factor that catapulted them into stardom last year. Having said that, Ziyon still makes his presence felt on the track. He is a very talented musician who understands music theory and you can easily pick that up on the album. Perhaps what also makes this duo exceptional on the house scene is the maturity they display in the lyrics department. They easily get one into the sing-along mode.

The consistency displayed in this album is also remarkable. They maintain the flow and every track has something good to talk about. The second track, ‘BPM’ has a lot to offer. On this one, Ziyon showcases his vocal prowess, swinging comfortably on the soulful beat. ‘BPM’ is a winner, the chorus is catchy, the strings are sexy and the bass is super banging.

Another noteworthy track is ‘Dreams’. Here Ziyon delivers an uplifting message about “never letting go of dreams.”  Ryzor’s first effort on the album, ‘Alone’ is arguably the best track on the offering. He knows how to keep the momentum and make people dance in the club. It’s a hypnotic track: simple, well dressed and catchy!

Other tracks to look out for include, ‘Feel it’, ‘Something about you’, ‘Synthetic vibes’ and a jazzy remake of ‘Fairytale’.

Overall, this is an intimidating album with so many things to boost about.

Cover/Art: 3/5 | Sound/Technical: 4.5/5 | “I like it factor”: 8/10 MIO Rating: 4/5

Author: eddie