Saturday, 25 April 2015

Madojazz At Kalk Bay Theatre

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Madojazz featuring Madosini with Hilton Schilder, Jonny Blundell and Pedro Espi-Sanchis will be performed on Sunday 3 February at Kalk Bay Theatre.

MadoJazz is a group composed of the legendary bow player Madosini [described as a “national treasure” by Wikipedia] with Hilton Schilder, Jonny Blundell and Pedro Espi-Sanchis.

Madosini’s music has an ancient and mystical beauty about it and before you know it takes you away to a place of blissful peace and absolute tranquillity.

Madosini’s music embodies the earliest roots of Jazz and along with Pedro they play the earliest string (Uhadi musical bow) and wind (Lekgodilo flute) instruments created by humans. These instruments play mostly in the Lydian mode, one of the favourite modes of Jazz so the instruments work well with the jazz piano and guitar.

Don’t miss the rare opportunity of these musicians playing together. Tickets cost R65 for show only or R180 for show, cheese platter and a glass of house wine.

The performance starts at 8pm.

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