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Malankane: Deep house chronicles: Pretoria

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Artist: Malankane                                             
Album title:Deep house chronicles Pretoria
Genre: Deep house
LabelDistributer: Soul Candi
Year of release: 2008

Deep house chronicles: Pretoria is out and I feel I have to review it whilst it’s still hot. Mixed by the Pretoria based Malankane, the album offers a vibrant blend of electronic tunes with an international caliber written all over it.

Deed house chronicles: Pretoria is packed with thirteen fresh jams that make you feel good all the way.   

I find myself amazed with the way Malankane cooked up this album, he did not write the tracks himself but the way he put together different musical elements shows great musical skill. The vibe is not one for just dancing but rather a feel-good kind of sound. It all depends on what gets you down because there are some tracks like sun dog and slippin that put across a good hook you could dance to the whole night.

Although classified as deep house, the content seems to disagree. Malanke mixes a rhythm and blues chunk of vocals with an R&B rhythm bringing about a timbre that makes you doubt the project was cooked under a Jozi roof.

The lyrical selection is commendable; it goes down well with the accompanying beat and most tracks talk of positivity, joy and feeling good making the grooves more appealing.

Whilst I do appreciate the album, I also feel, Malanke could have done much better on some tracks like bubble on and sequential which are just unaccompanied instrumentals.  Competition is getting tight in the local scene and it can be quite musically suicidal to stick to the ordinary way of leaving beats uncovered.

The album is well done but I really doubt if it is going to stand a chance to do a lot of damage this year with much anticipated projects from heavyweights like DJ Cleo in the pipeline.

Cover/Art: 2/5 | Sound/Technical: 3/5 | “I like it factor”: 7/10

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Author: eddie