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More About J’Something And Mi Casa

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Joao Fonseca, popularly known by his stage name, J’Something, is one of the most sought-after vocalists in South Africa.

In addition to several solo exploits, he is a member of Soul Candi’s first ever live House band, Mi Casa, which is making waves with its acclaimed debut studio album, Mi Casa Music.

Although born in Portugal, the multi-talented musician began his career in South Africa, where he has been living for the past 15 years. Over the years, he has collaborated with local greats such as RJ Benjamin and DJ Ganyani, spawning a string of chart-topping hits.

We recently sat down with the 22-year-old star to learn more about his blossoming career, as well as Mi Casa.

So how did Soul Candi discover you?

J’Something: I used to play guitar in my room and record little clips, and then my brother would send the clips to everyone and the next thing I knew, Soul Candi was calling me to fly up from Stellenbosch and record in their studios.

Were you always a house artist?

J’Something: Not really. I was a soul man but House music was always a dream of mine. So when I got to Soul Candi I immediately started writing over house tunes, and now I find myself doing it for my very own group, Mi Casa.

Great! How did you hook up with Dr Duda and Mo T to establish the group?

J’Something: We were all at the Radisson Hotel in Sandton. Dr Duda was dj’ing and Mo-T was playing with him on stage. I liked what they were doing and wanted to join them on vocals but I had never met Mo-T so I waited for the right time. From there on we kept in touch and a couple of months later we met in studio and decided to form Mi Casa.

What was the goal at that point?

J’Something: That’s quite an interesting question because we just wanted to make good music. After that we still wanted to make more and more tracks, and now we have different goals, such as to top charts and win awards.

OK. On a solo note, what would you say has been your biggest achievement in the industry so far?

J’Something: Definitely Mi Casa. It’s something I speak of very proudly. I think we have achieved so much together. We have already reached number one on some of the most recognised local charts and sold a good amount of CD’s. Not only that, but we have also released good music that brings smiles to many people’s faces.

Yeah and I hear your performances incorporate live instruments. What goes into your preparations?

J’Something: Preparation is on top of our priority list, so a Mi Casa week is mostly about rehearsals. We try different things at each gig, and we always try to come up with something unique.

Who does production, songwriting etc?

J’Something: Dr Duda does the production and also plays keys and saxophone. Mo-T plays the trumpet. I write songs, play guitar and I am also actively involved in the running of the group. Also we have Michael Mwale behind the album as co-producer.

Are you happy with your sales so far?

J’Something: Yes. We’re overwhelmed by the great support we are receiving. The album is selling very well and every week gets better and better.

Besides music what else do you do?

J’Something: Always a tough question, because all I can think of is music. I have the privilege of running Soul Candi Studios, so I meet a lot of great people and also get the opportunity to help a lot of people that are trying to pursue this career of music. Then I also produce Soul Candi Radio, which also focuses on music.

Where can fans catch Mi Casa performing this summer?

J’Something: The best way to answer this is to say that friends need to keep it locked to our twitter page, @MiCasaMusic, Facebook – Search for MiCasaMusic, or on our website,

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