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Nandi: Nandi

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Artist/DJ: Nandi
Album Title: Nandi
Genre: Various
Year of Release: 2012

If there’s something you can be sure of when you listen to Nandi’s fresh self-titled release is that, the talented songstress can sing! Her take on different musical styles is another reason for one to appreciate what she is offering.

Mainly produced by extraordinaire music genius, Thabiso ‘Thasman’ Tsotetsi, the project adopts various house music styles, spicing the journey with some soul piercing slow tempo tunes that make the album more appealing.

Guaranteed to give the listener that ultimate good music pleasure, Nandi performs each song from the heart and swings on melodies in a very mature manner. On this release, the artist does not only give it her outmost musical takes, she also welcomes people to her world, which is full of majestic songs.

Starting off the album, Nandi fires up an intro, ‘Welcome To My World’ which is just a teaser of what people will experience. After this warming intro, the female vocalist offers one of the best songs on the release titled, ‘Mnandi’ – a must-listen-to tune. Four things that stand out here are: superb musical arrangement, majestic house beats that takes one to the dance-floor without any questions, Nandi’s proper vocal takes and radio ready songs with an international stamp of approval.

But that’s not all, ‘Mnandi’ is just one of the best songs here… with the help of Thasman, the two go and inject another hard to forget tune, ‘On This Earth’. This is not just an ordinary song… it carries great musical takes and the synth and irresistible bass guitar make the overall production sounds so simple but yet upping the house music quality standard.

Crossing over and giving everyone a reason to listen to her album, Nandi then goes and jot ‘Africandy’ – a song with the samba feel. Thanks to the genius who guided this release because it is illusive to find a talented artist being given variety of sounds to take on. What stand out here is that the talent does not disappoint, she takes people to the jovial world of quality music.

A song to revive your spirit is ‘New Beginning’ – a song one can listen to day and night simply because it talks to the inner soul. On this one, Nandi teamed up with a talented poet by the name of Nobuntu Dubuzana who renders a comforting poetry in motion. But what makes the song to be what it is, is the calm piano keys that are accompanied by Nandi’s breathtaking vocal chords. You are bound to listen to this tune as much as you can because it is exactly what the doctor has ordered!

Nandi is not new in the music game; her previous work with the likes of DJ Franky paved a way for her to be where she is today. With her ever growing fan base, this self-title release is going to invite even many souls to her musical world. Truth be told, Nandi’s sound has matured, easy to digest and most importantly, ready to get you going!

Cover Art: 2½/5 | Sound Technical: 3½/5 | “I Like It Factor”: 8/10

MIO Rating: 3½/5

Author: mio