Sunday, 19 April 2015

Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors members resign

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Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors’ leader and founder, Timothy Myeni, on Saturday announced that his siblings Thabile Myeni and Mzwakhe Myeni had resigned from the popular Swaziland gospel group.

The controversial singer and politician revealed the information during a performance in East London, after fans had constantly asked him why the two were not on stage.

Myeni said his sister Thabile “wants some space to focus on her solo project.” He, however, did not explain the resignation of his younger brother, Mzwakhe.

Mzwakhe and Thabile were also  not seen on stage when the group performed at the Swaziland International Trade Fair early this month. Mzwakhe, who was instrumental in the founding of the group, performed with his own band and later watched his brother perform with Ncandweni Christ Ambassadors.

It is understood that Timothy and Mzwakhe are involved in a serious battle over the finances and control of the group.

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