Monday, 27 April 2015

Oskido’s Church Grooves: The 7th Commandment

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Oscar Mdlongwa aka Oskido added another album to his highly rated church groove series last year. The new album, titled, “Oskido’s church grooves, the 7th commandment” features 13 pulsating house tracks that guarantee him yet another rocking year at the helm of Mzansi’s house music scene.

As usual, Oskido manages to recruit and bring to the booth some of Mzansi’s most respected producers like DJ Kent, DJ Aero of BlackwHole, Master Wakes, Sis n Jones and Mono T. It’s one of those albums that entice you just as you look at the cover and the list of artists featured on it. His unrelenting combination with Master Wakes has upgraded the sound into a pleasant timbre seldom heard in the industry, with tracks like “last supper” and “Mono T Jam” likely to generate hype for the project.

After listening to the first tracks, “Come closer” and “Heart breaker”, I was completely convinced that Oskido has in the past years mastered all the crucial Ingredients needed to fuel any dancehall into total madness.

I have always felt cheated when I buy an Oskido album and realize that they are dominated by guests artists but on this one he has made me rest my case with his own tracks “Come closer” and “Heart breaker”.

DJ Kent’s “majest” is also an amazing cut that can take any knowledgeable music enthusiast straight to the dance floor. But that’s not all that can charm you into buying this project, Axwell and Bob Sinclar’s “What a wonderful world” is also a real hit. Most commercial radios have been blown away by its irresistible feel-good drive, making it a true household sound.

This is not the type of an album that will give you catchy lyrics you can sing the whole day but those with conscious ears will find everything they desire in music on this one.

Though I still crave an album that’s dominated by Oskido himself and less dependent on other industry heavyweights, I am deeply moved by “Oskido’s church grooves the 7th commandment”.

Cover/Art: 3/5 | Sound/Technical: 4/5 | “I like it factor”: 7/10 MIO Rating: 7/10 

Author: eddie