Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Raised By Wolves: A Studio Diary

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You may recognize the name Raised by Wolves from the recent Remix Competition held by MIO. We went along to SABC’s RP Studios to see how they adapted to life indoors while completing the first phase in recording their full-length debut album. With the help of studio rat, coffee-guzzler, producer and tech-wizard Daryl Torr, Raised by Wolves embarked on a musical journey of notable proportions.

Raised by Wolves       .

Carl Addy [Lead vox, bass guitar]
Graham Kent [Guitars]
Stefan Vos [Guitars]
Matt Christensen [Drums]

The Date 06. 12. 2005
The Brief                          Conquer as much of eight tracks in 5 days as is humanly possible.

Day 1
The hammer of Thor had nothing on our young drum-warrior, Matt Christensen. With the blood of seafaring Norsemen coursing through his veins, a fiery blur of arms and legs was all we could see from the control room as he laid down the drum tracks. We later realized that in an effort to combat his intense warrior’s body-odour, he accidentally set fire to himself while applying a liberal dose of deodorant to his overheated body. But being the warrior that he is, he overcame the fumes to lay down no less than six tracks on this, the first day of recording. “It’s amazing what being on fire will do for your fills!” said a smouldering Christensen.

Day 2
After a well-earned slumber, along with a night-time dream-state communion with the gods of Rock ‘n Roll, our resident tub-thumper returned inspired for the remaining takes. Ignoring persistent pleas from his band-mates to put some clothes on, he took to the throne and completed his mission. His brother-in-arms, Carl Addy, with his weapon of Mass Distortion in hand, set about laying the bass tracks. Though his warrior moustache hindered visibility and frequently became entangled in the machine-heads of his guitar, he was faithful and emerged victorious as night fell. Invigorated by the spoils of war, Raised by Wolves went out into the night for an evening of celebration. They plundered the surrounding countryside of Melville before returning to their respective hovels to rest.

Day 3
With the duties of the rhythm-section completed, it fell on the axe-wielding mercenaries Graham and Stefan to get the guitars down. Matt was delegated the task of hunting and gathering, and used his enhanced sense of smell to find food for his friends. Through the labyrinth that is the SABC he stalked his prize – returning before long with a worthy feast. A spirit of warrior-like determination prevailed amongst them all, and the day ran its happy course. But with good morale comes band-room humour. This was almost always themed around The Bottom or Matt’s alleged nocturnal girl-hunting capers, and began to get a little stale. Not as stale as studio P8’s couch, but quite close. The odd female that did venture in left promptly. In between sticking bits of chewed food on each other, watching episodes of ‘Lost’, ‘Futurama’ and ‘Little Britain’, guitars were played with appropriate vigour and zest. Vocal takes took place that night courtesy of Carl, who gave us all a lesson in how to ROCK. After 15 hours in front of the monitors, the extraordinary machine that is Daryl thankfully called it a day.

Day 4
Forcing four feral fiends indoors for extended periods of time has its consequences; and it was on this fourth day of the audio onslaught that tensions began to materialise. Being raised by wolves [Daryl excluded] certainly didn’t help matters – teeth, hair and blood-splats can still be found in the hard-to-reach places in P8. Warriors will be warriors. However, guitar-takes commenced without too much trouble. An extensive search of the bowels of the SABC yielded exciting discoveries.

These included:  
  Much silly video footage
A Wallace & Grommet mask
Something that looks like it used to be a beard
A laminated signboard

Vocals began once more and continued into the wee hours, and with tensions subdued by large amounts of caffeine and Carl’s honey-water, a good time was had by all.

Day 5
The band descended on P8 for the remaining guitar takes and vocals. In the end, 6 tracks were completed, thus another hostile take-over is sure to transpire in the near future. Beware employees of the SABC, electronic devices, things that look edible and mysterious instruments that are left lying around. “We will return!”

Author: Matthew@mio.co.za