Tuesday, 28 April 2015

SA Singer In Talks With Jay Z’s Roc Nation

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A local pop singer is on the verge of signing a lucrative deal with Jay Z’s Roc Nation, one of America’s most successful music companies.

Joash Duwayne Perumal aka J-Magic, from Port Shepstone in KwaZulu Natal, is in talks with the top company and could soon be jetting off to the US to ink a career-changing deal.
The 27-year-old singer is winning many hearts with his debut album, The Music In Me, which has spawned a host of anthemic hits, including the chart-topping single, “Dancing On The Edge”.

After only a few weeks on radio, this track has found unprecedented success in the US, where Roc Nation officials are eagerly waiting to recruit the talented singer. Roc Nation is home to a host of top stars, including J Cole, Willow Smith and Jay Z himself.

This week MIO had the opportunity to sit down with Jae-Magic and learn more about the deal, as well as his career and future plans.

What kind of plans do you have for Roc Nation?

Jae-Magic: I want to use the influence of the record company to collaborate with major artists and I believe that this deal will give me the chance to get my music heard all over the world.

Do you know when it’s likely to be signed?

Jae-Magic: It’s likely to be signed in January 2012 and I am scheduled to shoot a music video for my new single, “Fallin in Love”, with Rock Jacobs in California.

Great! Have you worked with such big names before?

Jae-Magic: Yes. I have worked with Grammy Award-winner Rob Davis, who has written songs for Backstreet Boys and Kylie Minogue. Also, the producers of my debut album are based in the United States and Sweden.

Roc Nation is one of the biggest in the game. What do you think got them interested in you?

Jae-Magic: Not many people in South Africa make music that is of an international standard, and mine is.

So basically, what kind of a deal is it?

Jae-Magic: We are still in talks, but what I can tell you right now is that it is somewhere along the lines of Roc Nation having exclusive rights to all my albums released internationally, and I am going to start recording my second album in January 2012.

What would you say is your most successful track to date?

Jae-Magic: “Dancing On The Edge”, because of the recognition it’s given me. I also have another cool track called “Club On Fire” that has also had good radio reviews. This song also got me a deal with a company called AMGWORLDMEDIA.

So how do you define your music?

Jae-Magic: It’s a combination of pop and hip hop.

And what are you currently working on?

Jae-Magic: My new single “Fallin’ in Love”, which will have a few remixes as well.

When can we expect your new album?

Jae-Magic: In the new year, 2012.

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