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The Rat Pack Hits Town!

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The Rat Pack Hits Town
By Sean vd Walt

Let’s face it, cars sound better with free-flow exhausts, some singers sound better with effects, and guitars sound better with pedals.  If you’re looking to expand the capabilities and range of you guitar, then these electronic vermin are for you!  But you’ll get no mousy sounds out of them – these Rats roar!

Manufactured and supported by the American-based company Proco, the Rat range is clearly in a league of its own.  The Rats are simple, rugged and solid.  According to Proco, they will survive anything you throw at them, and anyone you throw them at!

The Rats

Figure 1:  Rear View

Figure 2:  Top View

The Rats all feature an input, an output, and an optional 9-Volt power input [by default, they are powered by 9-Volt batteries]. 

The top panel features control knobs for adjusting the volume and effects, and a foot switch to activate or bypass the effect. The Rats produce clean, pure sounds with no crackle or static.  Their circuitry is uncomplicated, effective and well-built.


The Vintage Rat

It all started with the Vintage Rat.  The design is still lighter and more primitive than the modern-day Rat.  The Vintage Rat generates a clean, old-school rock sound, much like a Joan Jet lead.  Adding more distortion hardens the sound to a heavier traditional rock.

Figure 3:  Vintage Rat

The Rat 2

Rat 2 introduced the sturdier, more compact design.  Rat 2 features an overdriven rock sound, with a heavier metal rock distortion which can be shaped very effectively with the filter control. 

It also outputs a clean harmonic resonance in power chords.

Figure 5:  Turbo Rat

The Turbo Rat

Figure 4:  Rat 2

Featuring the latest trends in ruggedness, reliability and cool looks, the Turbo Rat is the baseline of the modern Rat range. 

Still a heavy contender, the Turbo Rat belts out a heavy metal bouncy distortion with a solid bass response. 

A balanced sound, not overdone, Turbo Rat reminds one of Rammstein or Crystal Method leads.  Tweaked properly, Turbo Rat does a warm grunge with ease.

Figure 6:  Dirty Rat

The Dirty Rat

The highlight of Dirty Rat is fuzz.  Dirty Rat sounds like a cross between Vintage Rat and Rat 2, with fuzz on top.  Think Spin Doctors, with punch.

Figure 7:  Juggernaut Rat

The Juggernaut Rat

Proco are equal opportunists, and the bass players have not been left out in the cold!  Enter Juggernaut Rat.

It contains its own bass distortion effect, which generates a fat, warm fuzzy bass, and also features an effects loop, for connecting an external effects module.  The two can also be combined, allowing endless flexibility.

The Deucetone Rat

Deucetone Rat is the Mac-Daddy Rat, containing two separate channels, which can either be played individually, or combined, for mind-blowing effects!  Each channel features three effects modules: Vintage Rat, Dirty Rat and Turbo Rat. A sliding switch selects the Rat effect for each channel. Selecting the same effect on each channel allows one to double up an effect as a solo boost. 

Figure 8:  Deucetone Rat – Top View

Figure 9:  Deucetone Rat – Rear View

Effects can be cascaded in order to add punch, fuzz, or all-out distortion.  As always, the sound is clearly defined, and the bass response is excellent.

So put a Rat in your pack and pack a punch in your riff!  There’s a Rat for every rocker under the sun.  With rock-solid construction, and backed by a guarantee that will honour “any excuse, even abuse”, you can’t go wrong with a Rat!

The Rat range is currently available from these fine stores:

Passive Music

Shop 7
Frederika Centre
658 Frederika Street
Tel:  012 330 3584

Music Mate

Shop 21
Pick ‘n Pay Centre
Cnr 6th and Hamlin Streets
Tel:  011 728 2584

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