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Tips on Applying for the Red Bull Music Academy

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Tip 1: The Application From

To be accepted as a participant for the Red Bull Music Academy you need to fill in the lengthy application document and supply a demo of your music to go with this document. Here are some pointers to consider when filling in this document.

Its long, complicated and it seems daunting. The reason that it is like this is that the way that you fill in the application form will determine the kind of person you are and your musical ability.

Many people think that to you need to be an accomplished musician, DJ or producer to be accepted. This is completely untrue. The Red Bull Music Academy is looking for people who are not only talented, but who will also want to participate, collaborate and enjoy the experience 100%. They would rather have someone who is still developing their music skills and who is eager, positive and energised than someone who is a musical genius but arrogant and unwilling to participate.

It’s all about learning at the end of the day and so if you’re eager to learn, you stand a chance of getting in. The key is to communicate that in your application form.

Tip 2: The Demo CD

One of the requirements of the applying for the Red Bull Music Academy is to provide a demo of the music that you’re involved in making and performing. Here are a few pointers to consider when compiling this demo.

1.      – The most important thing is, your demo needs to represent all your musical skills and talents. As an example, you might currently be focusing on producing house music, but once played in a punk band. In this case it would be great to include you current music production and possibly and old recording of your band. Your diversity will show that you are able to think outside of the box and this is important to making music at the Academy.

2.      – As with all demos, keep things short and succinct. If your demo includes 15 tracks, it will seem daunting for those who have to listen to it. Choose the best 5 to 6 songs that represent all your musical ability at its best and include only those.

3.      – Label the disc correctly: You don’t need to design a cover for the demo, but you should include all your details on the CD: Your name, contact details, website URLs, etc. This is a general rule when compiling demos. You never know whose hands that CD is going to end up in.

4.      – Don’t put all your focus into the demo CD and too little into the application form. You may be a brilliant musician, but if the application form is not filled in correctly, those who are choosing the participants will not know what kind of person you are and your music is not enough to convince them you are passionate about attending the Red Bull Music Academy.

Tip 3: The closest Mr X can help you

Once you have completed your application and demo CD for the Red Bull Music Academy 2011, you need to submit it. One way of doing this is to send it directly to Germany where the application choices are made, but the much easier way of doing this is to give it to a local Red Bull Music Academy Mr. X who will have it sent to Germany for you by Red Bull South Africa themselves!

A Mr. X is a musician or DJ who has a strong working relationship with Red Bull and a history with the Red Bull Music Academy, often by being a previous Academy participant. In essence their job is to help you apply for the Academy in whatever way they can and so, aside form making sure your application gets sent aborad free of charge, they are also there to assist with any quereis you may have.

There are Mr X’s in the cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria. To find out about who your closest Mr. X is, send an e-mail to (this is the e-mail address for Cape Town mr. X, Richard Rumney aka Richard the Third, who was last week’s featured alumni artist). He will give you any information you may need. Otherwise keep checking the website which will be updating info about the South African Mr. X netowrk this week.

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