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Worship House: Live 2006 – Project 3

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Artists/DJ: Worship House
Album Title: Live 2006 – Project 3
Producer: Pastor Isaac Dave Dagada, Simba Mapfumo and Lufuno Dagada
Genre: Gospel
Label/Distributor: Gallo
Year of Release: 2006


After three years of existence, Worship House has done it again! The group’s 2006 project is wonderful! Under the guidance of Pastor Dagada, the choir has managed to bring a new gospel style, mixing African sounds with gospel.

Amazingly, the choir fused beats from Oliver Mthukudzi’s past albums with gospel music and lyrics, and it works so well. Founded in 2003, the group’s unique approach to gospel music paved the way to the release of this album.

Recorded live in Venda at Thohoyandou Town Hall, clearly the equipment used to record the performance is of the best quality. I also salute the sound engineer, producer and arranger because the final outcome of this album is marvellous.

The two people who impressed me the most are Norman Nemathago who played the bass guitar and Simba Mapfumo on the lead guitar. These two musicians showcase their guitar skills and their playing styles, defining the sound of Worship House.

From the introduction till the last song, I can tell that Worship House spent sleepless nights mastering songs for this project. Lead singer Lufuno Dagada, knew exactly what he was doing. His approach as a singer is immense, the brother has really done a stunning performance. Walk tall soldier!

If I say I didn’t enjoy all the songs on this album, the Gods must be crazy! Watch out for tracks, ‘Ndi nnyi Khonani’, ‘Rivhana vhavho’, ‘Yehovha I murisa wa mina’, ‘Sweet Jesus’, ‘Day after day’, ‘Here I am to worship’ and a wedding song, ‘Mifhululu’.

Songs on this project are sung in Tshivenda, Shangaan, English and Zulu. This release proves how Worship House is changing the obvious gospel style we have been in touch with for many decades.

Mzansi, this is a blazing album. From songs that’ll make you dance to the worship tunes like ‘Sweet Jesus’, this album will take you higher! Like the group’s name, let’s Worship bazalwane!

Cover/Art: 2/5 | Sound/Technical: 4/5 | “I like it factor”: 8/10


Author: phathu