MIO Overview

Music Industry Online (www.mio.co.za) is the largest music industry portal in South Africa, providing news, articles, music review, demo zone, interaction and much more to thousands of visitors. MIO plays a critical role as a significant catalyst for growth in South Africa's ever vibrant music market and media sectors.

The MIO team is comprised of dynamic young journalists and media entrepreneurs with capable management, editorial, research skills and is most importantly fully in touch with the happenings of the local [SA] music industry.

MIO has been established for almost fourteen years and is the central point for South African music online community to come together and absorb and share information.

MIO History

Music Industry Online began as PC Music, a newsletter with a diminutive subscriber base of 50 people, initiated by MIO founder, Josh Adler. The newsletter was used to explain the basics of using personal computers to make music and the first issue was sent out electronically in December 1999.

When Jeff Fletcher - who had founded a discussion list for South African electronic musicians in 1998 on the Hivemind Network came across the PC Music newsletter, the respective mailing lists merged to create a small but loyal community of subscribers.

As an increasing number of people joined the mailing list, it became evident that back issues of the newsletter would need to be preserved in an archive of some sort, which led to the creating of a simple website. This was the start of the MIO portal many moons ago. It was a horrendous looking thing - in Josh's own estimation - but it worked nonetheless.

Shortly after the PC Music site was in place, a web design company who were intrigued by PC Music potential, contacted Josh with an offer to redesign PC Music at no charge. As luck would have it, Josh was employed at an IT Services Company on a part-time student basis; the company volunteered to pay for the domain name registration of pcmusic.co.za as well as provide web space for the site on one of their servers.

For a while, the PC Music newsletter would be distributed electronically each month, and then archived on the www.pcmusic.co.za website.

It wasn't until PC Music began receiving dissatisfactory feedback emails about the infrequency of the content updates, as well as the limited interactive nature of the website that the decision was made to up the ante in terms of what the website offered.

It was clear that a lot of work was required to evolve PC Music into what its subscribers envisioned, and this prompted Josh to extend an invitation to two of his computer science classmates in January 2001: Asher Lipson and Sam Hutchinson, who took the PC Music team from one, to three.

The decision set in place an entirely new phase for PC Music; 2002 witnessed an influx of resources in the form of writers who churned out regular news and feature content, drawing audiences both locally and abroad - month after successful month. Forums and discussion boards were introduced and moderators elected to keep a watchful eye on the use of offensive behaviour and generally man the MIO fortress of information and interactive participation.

The content on the website also started undergoing subtle changes, from being information based purely on how to make electronic music, to incorporating other genres and all sectors of the music industry; the first of which was the DJ sphere.

It was in 2005 when two writers, Taryn Lee-Bigger and Phathu 'Phash' Ratshilumela were employed on a full time basis. Undoubtedly, the two pumped energy to the growth of MIO until Richard Rumney joined the team on a later stage as the editor.

Integral changes to the PC Music website had finally been made, including the addition of a search function to browse through archived material and great competitions. Without the technology at PC Music's disposal provided by Sam Hutchinson (now MIO's Technical Director), the transition would have been unfeasible.

With the advent of the new role the website had assumed and its increased responsibilities, the final step toward what we have today was for the PC Music website to shed its name.

Music Industry Online is the culmination of all the growth that had taken place with PC Music, starting out with less than 50 subscribers to becoming South Africa's largest skills resource, serving over 400 000 pages of content to visitors.

But that was not all, after Josh and Sam continued to run MIO for many years, the two saw the need of relieving themselves as the forefront of the publication. The idea of getting someone or organization that could fully look after MIO came as a result of the two not being in touch with the music industry like they used to which was mainly influenced by the MIO mother body company, Prefix Technologies [Which is run by Josh and Sam]

Despite having a long list of organizations and individuals to hand MIO on to, the two then decided that it would be best if they could enable the individuals who have been part of the MIO's success to lead the publication forward. Richard Rumney (former Editor in Chief) and Phash Ratshilumela (Current Editor In Chief and Managing Director), took over the business from September 2007. The publication was registered under a new umbrella.

In 2009, MIO underwent further change when Richard Rumney left the company to pursue other interests. It became obvious that having helped in shaping this publication, Phash became the only candidate suitable to take over from where his former colleague and partner had left off. Within the space of six months, and at the helm of the publication, Phash has masterminded exciting projects such as the successful Gauteng Songs Competition, Music Charts, Mobi Site and many other campaigns.

From its humble beginnings, MIO continues to bring the freshest music industry-related news, maintaining its position as SA's Music Industry Information Portal.

Welcome to the largest Music Industry Resource in the country. We're confident you'll like what we do!