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Below are our guidelines governing the use of any MIO content found on this website.

We both welcome and encourage users to take screenshots of our site for use in print and online publications. We do, however, ask that you email us at and let us know that you want to do so. When you e-mail us, please specify the page (address) you would like to make a screenshot of and the publication you wish to publish it in.

Reprint Rights
We are willing to work with all people interested in obtaining reprint rights to any of the articles on our site. If you are writing an article for a print publication, please e-mail us on to request permission. Please include the publication or application you wish to reprint in as well as the article(s) you are interested in.

Educational Purposes
We are aware that many students or other educational professionals may be interested in using our content for use in classes. For individual articles, you may distribute copies to students as long as full credit is given to the author and a full copyright statement is given to Music Industry Online. You must also include a link back to the source. Students may use the material in various projects they may have, but the same requirement applies. An acceptable copyright would be in this form:

Copyright,< INSERT YEAR OF PUBLICATION HERE > Music Industry Online.
All rights reserved. Reprinted with permission from

For any mass distribution of content, you must request permission the MIO editors in order to work out arrangements.

We make no limitations to linking to any article on our site. You may freely link to any resource on this website. This does NOT give permission to link directly to any image or other supplemental file on our server. This likewise does not give any permission to host any of our articles on your own site. This only gives permission to link to the article.

Licensing or Syndication
The content of this website is available for publication on other websites or for syndication on a deal-by-deal basis. For this type of re-print right, you will again need to contact the MIO editors with the details.