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Red Bull Studio Live Stage - Centre Of Attraction

Friday night on the Red Bull Studio Live Stage heaved to the Bass, Rap and Breaks of Mix n Blend, PHfat, Phizisist and Twelv & Thesis leading into the peak-hour Drum n Bass of Rudeone and mosh-pit Electro of Haezer...  

Dubstep Guru In SA

Top UK DJ SKisM is set to play in SA this week....  

Oppikoppi Smoorverlief

Oppikoppi Smoorverlief is taking place from the 7-9 August 2009.  

What kind of Dassie are you?

Just over a month to go and we thought it apt to spread more knowledge of the Dassie clan to the masses: for once you’ve accepted the Dassie, the way of the Dassie and nothing but the way of the Dassie, true freedom and happiness is within spitting distance. Of course there are too many flavours of Dassie to mention in a missive such as this but below find a selection of the most easily spotted members of the rock climbing clan.  

OPPIKOPPI: The way of the Dassie line-up

Dassies, Dassies everywhere! And not a drop to drink. Well sort of. Although there are many types of Dassies and most do not need that much of drink (check out Maxnormal.TV for a full list). And looking at the lineup confirmed for the festival there won’t be much time for ocean faring and other Dassies to spend at the convivial bars of the bushveld farm. Not only has some of the South African heavy weights added there hats to the annual tune extravaganza list, but for the first time ever OppiKoppi will be playing host to a day full of international and South African artists on the inaugural Ampli5 music tour. Effectively this means a whole lot more Dassie power for everyone: just like the Dalai Dassie.  

Get Live Inna City

JHBLive is getting ready to bring you a multi-media nightlife experience the likes of which our city has never seen.  

The Kid:To Fonque or not to Fonque

Kid Fonque's got the art of DJing down. Here's why...