Ireland News
G.I heads to the states
Date: Apr 7, 2008
Author: Phathu Ratshilumela

File transfers cannot be monitored!

Internet Service Providers says it is impossible for them to monitor the transfer of copyrighted material online.  

The Parlotones at Old Mutual Sunset Concert!

The Johannesburg-based indie rock band, The Parlotones, will be performing at the Old Mutual Summer Sunset concert at Kirstenbosch on 10 February.  

Be part of an extreme digital entertainment!

Nokia, the worlds leading mobile phone maker, is ready to rock Cape Town with a different type of music concert, the Nokia Trends Lab multimedia experience, where the audience will play as large a part in the entertainment as the artists themselves.  

My Coke Fest Has Best SA Music Line Up

Springbok Nude Girls, The Parlotones, Evolver, Cassette, J, The Dirty Skirts, Love Jones and Taxi Violence  

The Parlotones Go Global!

Universal music has signed a deal with The Parlotones to release their music in no less that six international territories, including: UK, Ireland, France, Japan, Germany and Holland. The deal is a milestone for SA bands, as a deal of this magnitude has never been seen before.  

Mr. Tony Blair to appear on Mtv base

In an Mtv base exclusive - African youth will get a unique opportunity to quiz the British Prime Minister  

SARA says live performance is significant

The South African Roadies Association President, Freddie Nyathela says the world sees live music as the backbone of the music industry, why don't we?